World Trade Center With 75-Storey Building Soon To Rising In Perth

A $1.85 billion World Trade Center, which comes with a 75-storey building, will soon rise in the city of Perth. Premier Colin Barnett announced the “Twin Towers” plan, a concept that he was not that much enthusiastic about, in the past.

The Premier explained at a launch function held in the capital that the government of Perth would give its full support to the project. It also lauded the proposal and said that it would become a great addition to the city. Premier Barnett also gave a brief explanation as to why he did not back a similar plan, which would have reinvented the site of the old East Perth power station in 2014. He reminded everyone that Perth is already and international city and his reaction to the previous proposal three years ago was brought on by the fact that during that time he failed to recognize the benefits if Perth has a World Trade Center.

The iconic structure would be built at the eastern end of Northbridge between Beaufort and Pier streets. The project is expected to help in the transformation of the central business district. The World Trade Center Perth will include a 75-storey structure, a convention center, apartments, shopping mall, and a shopping precinct. It will not only be an iconic landmark for Perth but also help in enhancing the vibrancy in the locations surrounding the train station. The Premier added that the development of this project would showcase the extensive opportunities in Western Australia and demonstrate the broad capabilities of the capital’s locals.

The man backing the proposal of this massive development is the Jordan billionaire and property insurance baron Ghazi Abu Nahl. Apart from being the chair of the 330-country World Trade Centres Association, he is also the man behind other similarly gigantic projects in different parts of the world. According to a report by ABC News, the developer of this project already purchased the old Myer site located at 30 Beaufort Street in Northridge. It also wants to acquire the surrounding lands across the rail line. It spans about 1.9 hectares from Stirling Street to McIver Station.

Meanwhile, this project is not a pipedream according to the Neil Kidd, the Director of the Perth-based project. He said construction of similar projects have started such as the 440,000 square meter World Trade Center in Doha, 2500 apartments in Algiers, 250-room Marriott hotel, and 10,000 meters of office space. Other resembling structures already exist or have once existed. For instance, there was the Bahrain World Trade Center designed by Atkins and the renowned World Trade Center in New York. The latter was built by Minoru Yamasaki but the building was, unfortunately, destroyed because of a terror attack in 2001.

As reported by ArcihtectureAU, the proposal for the development of the iconic World Trade Center Perth would undergo a stage-two detailed assessment. This second level of examination would determine if the developer has the financial and technical means to deliver the project.