Tips For Choosing A Lawyer For Personal Injury in Construction

Have you suffered an injury on a construction site then you should seek to find a lawyer for personal injury. You don’t want to hire the first personal injury attorney you come across. With that said, here are a few things to look for in an attorney.

Experience Is Important

First and foremost, you want to find an attorney that has plenty of experience dealing with personal injury cases on a construction site, but don’t assume the attorney who has been practicing law for many years has more experience than the attorney who has only been practicing for a short period of time. Instead, experience refers to how many cases the attorney has handled within the last year or two. The more cases a personal injury lawyer has worked on, the more experience they will have.

Also, what kind of personal injury cases have they worked on? Do a lot of them bear similarities to yours? If so, that’s even better.

For example, you fall scaffolding that has been wrongly constructed. A personal injury lawyer will determine who is at fault and who to go after. Having that level of experience will be crucial in getting compensation.

Success Rate

Another thing to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney is what their success rate is. The more cases they have won or the more cases in which desirable results were the outcome, the better. This means there’s a good chance that the attorney will achieve a good outcome in your case. Check out an attorney’s website to learn about their success rate or contact them directly if you can’t find this info out on their website.

How Much Do They Charge

You want to get an idea of how much the attorney charges before deciding whether or not to hire them. The most reputable attorneys who have the highest success rates and are highly sought after will usually charge the most. This isn’t a bad thing, but you still want to keep attorney’s rates in mind.

Some attorneys charge an upfront fee and let you make payments as you go. However, the best personal injury lawyers will only charge you if they are successful with your case. Regardless of how they charge or the way they charge, always make sure you know what you’ll end up paying.


Finally, consider how the lawyer will communicate with you if they take on your case. Will they keep things strictly to the phone or will they send you emails and text messages? Some people prefer only one or two ways of communicating with their attorneys.

On that note, find out how frequently you will be updated. Will the attorney tell you every single little thing going on in your case or will they only communicate with you when something major happens? The frequency and the way they communicate may not bother some people, but other people may have a personal preference. It’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with.

When it comes to finding and choosing a lawyer for personal injury with construction site experince, make sure to choose one that has plenty of experience. Success rate, how much they charge and the way they will communicate with you are important factors to consider too. With that in mind, go ahead and start researching personal injury lawyers.