Property Conveyancing – How To Ensure A Smooth Transfer Of Property

Buying and selling property is a complex process that can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. You can decide to personally handle the process of transferring property or you can decide to hire property conveyancing services. There are many benefits that you can enjoy from using a property lawyer to handle your property transfer.

A property lawyer has the experience and knowledge required to handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. It may however take you a longer time to handle the various processes on your own since you do not have much experience and will need to figure out what is required at every step.

Importance Of Conveyancer When Buying Property

You can use a property lawyer when you need to buy property. The lawyer will make searches and will apply for all the certificates that are required to carry out the purchase. He will go through the contract and advice you on what will be required from you. He will advise you on the financing options that are available for you and will ensure that your mortgage documents are in order.

The property lawyer will also oversee the exchange of the contract of sale with the seller and will come up with a statement that explains how the payment will be done. The water authority and the council will be notified of the purchase and registration documents will be submitted.

Benefits Of Using A Lawyer When Selling Property

When selling property, you will need to prepare a contract of sale and a property lawyer can do that for you. Your lawyer can then exchange the contract with the buyer and ensure that all the necessary clauses are included. The lawyer will go through the documents required for the transfer such as the statement of adjustment, transfer document and the settlement statement.

The water authority and the council will be notified of the sale by the lawyer who will also attend the settlement meeting on your behalf. Your lawyer will ensure that there is a title available for the property which will be handed over to the buyer.

Why Conveyancing Searches Are Made

When purchasing a property, your property lawyer will conduct the required conveyancing searches. These are searches which are meant to protect you before you commit to buying the property.

Your conveyancer will check whether the person who is selling the property genuinely owns it and whether the property is linked to any mortgage. If it is, the mortgage must be de-linked from the property before you make the purchase. Other searches are made with the local authorities and government departments such as a water and drainage search.

When To Contact A Property Lawyer

Contact Able Defence Lawyers before you begin the process of buying or selling property. We will provide you with the legal advice that you need to successfully sell or buy property. We will assist you to transfer the ownership title to yourself if you are the buyer or to the person you are selling the property to.

Our property lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in property law. We will ensure that all the negotiations are done as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth flow of the process of property transfer.