Hobart’s Most Influential Property Magnates

If you are looking for information about Hobart’s most influential property magnates, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a few of the most popular property barons who have helped shape Hobart to what is now today. One of our sources is The Daily Telegraph, which has given us a quick review about the lives of these people. Apart from having amassed millions or even billions of worth of wealth, they also share one particular thing. It was the fact that they all had nearly nothing when they moved to Australia. They worked really hard to succeed. They are also known for their passion, ambition, and persistence. Furthermore, they all invested in the property market. They made wise choices when they bought and held on to their chosen company shares.

Behrakis Family

The first one on the list is the Behrakis Family. This surname is very popular in Salamanca. They are known to be the gold standard of commercial real estate in Hobart. The history of the Behrakis started 30 decades ago when they decided to put up a grocer’s market. This eventually evolved into a famous brand called Salamanca Fresh, which now has several outlets across Southern Tasmania. The Behrakis family originated from Kalamata, Greece. As mentioned earlier, they moved to Australia with only a few bucks in their pockets. The Behrakis family was able to build their fortune by acquiring different real estates properties like the Maldini, Jack Greene, and Cargo buildings. They also put up their own company Olympus, which they used to purchase other properties. This includes the 25 Salamanca Place and Knopwoods, which is now known as the Whaler Hotel, for $304,000 in 1984. They also have real estate holdings in Moonah, Bellerive, North Hobart, Battery Point, and Sandy Bay.TheBehrakis has great plans this year including
the transformation of some of the top levels of their owned buildings into serviced apartments.

Emmanuel Kalis

Emmanuel Kalis is another notable name in Hobart. He made his presence known in Hobart and beyond by owning nearly 50 properties. Among these include Myer building in Liverpool St. He bought this property for $16 million in 2009. Kalis originated from the small Greek island of Astypalea and relocated in Tasmania 40 years ago. His holdings also include various hotels and motels such as the Cooley’s in Moonah, the Beltana in Lindisfarne, North Hobart’s Black Buffalo, the Kings Meadows Hotel, Beachfront at Bicheno and the Mornington Inn Hotel Motel.

He purchased shopping centers like the Cove Hill and Kingston Gateway. He also has commercial properties in Margate and in Magnet Court in Sandy Bay as well as retail spaces at 132-146 Elizabeth St. Emmanuel Kalisis also a part owner of Tandara Motor Inn at Triabunna.

George Giameos

George Giameos was born in Greece just like the Behrakis family and he came to Australia as a simple person with little cash in his savings. Now, he is one of the property magnates in the Hobart CBD. He co-owns the company First Floor Holdings and also snapped up the 80, 84, 86 and 139 Liverpool St. He purchased the Elizabeth Mall and Murray St as well as the Banjo’s Bakery in Salamanca. He also owns part of the Salamanca Wharf Hotel on Castray Esplanade.He and his son, Stefan, placed one of his main properties in the market, the Risdon Rd property for more than $2.5 million. They acquired this for $1.86 million in 2010.

Ali Sultan

Ali Sultan is one of the ever famous real estate tycoons in Hobart. He came from Lebanon and relocated to Tasmania in 1972. He started with a gift shop in Claremont before he made his presence known in Hobart. He started to become popular because of the development of the $3.5 million Savoy Hotel in 2001, which he managed to sell for $5 million three years ago. Sultan’s portfolio now includes car parks such as those at Market Place, Bathurst St and Montpelier Retreat. It also includes other properties like the Commonwealth Bank building on Elizabeth St, the Mantra Hotel on Collins St and the Wellington Centre on Argyle St. He also owns residential properties in Sandy Bay and south, north and West Hobart.

Robert Rockefeller

Robert Rockefeller is also part of the list of property moguls in Tasmanian history. He is an American who decided to permanently relocate to Hobart. It is where he picked up real estate properties like 2 Salamanca Square wherein the Mercury is located. Rockefeller bought it for $2.4 million in 2004. He also owns the Trafalgar Centre in Collins St as well as the old ANZ Centre, and through Nekon, an 11-floor building on Elizabeth St. He also co-owns1 Franklin Wharf, which he purchased through the company Newtown Rockets for $17.5 million in 2013. The other property bigwigs who play important roles in Hobart are businesswoman Jan Cameron and Fragrance Group.