Helpful Tips On Building Horse Stables

When building a horse stable, it is important to have a plan in place. Here, you will be given tips  on how to build the right horse stable for your needs.

Make sure you think long term. You may have only two or three horses at the moment. But in the future, you may decide you want more. Building bigger now will save you time and money so that if you decide to get more, you don’t have to expand your stable.

Figure out which design works best for you’re your Vestrum horse wear. There are a number of horse stall designs available and choosing the best design for your needs is important for the basis of your stalls. Here are a couple of designs:

– Clear Span Type: With this kind of design, interior columns are not required to support the roof and the trusses span the building’s width.

– Interior Column Type: The interior barn columns actually hold up rafters that support the roof.

Another helpful tip when building horse stables is to build wider aisleways and bigger stalls. Most experts agree that a 10′ by 10′ stall is too small. A good rule of thumb is to build each stall 12′ by 12′ and to have a 14′ aisleway.

Consider adding barn stall windows. Or, if you would prefer, you could even add dutch doors. In addition to providing natural light, they also provide extra ventilation. You can get extra light in your center aisle and entry way by adding fixed windows to your sliding doors.

Think about food storage and and water when planning your horse stable. How your horse gets both food and water may be one of the most important factors to think about when building your stable. One good option is a tack feed room; this is a separate room in which other products are stored, such as leather. For water, consider automatic water feeders. With these, water supply and a heater goes into the bowl.

For the flooring in your horse stalls, a good choice would be a mat system. Flooring is another important aspect to think about when building your stables. Many choose granular base as material and cover them with rubber mats for the horses’ comfort. Brick pavers and concrete are two other popular options.

When making plans for building your stables, do not forget about a horse wash stall. This is a designated space in which you wash your horses with overhead hose system. Having indoors allows you to wash your horses in all kinds of weather. For the best surface and footing for your horse, go with a concrete floor.

Make some space for a tack room. This room is crucial for you to have access to blankets, brushes, saddles, bridles and other equipment you may possess. Ideally, build a door so you can close this room off. If you don’t, you are inviting dust in, which can get on your equipment.

In conclusion, using the above tips will assist you in building the horse stable of your dreams.